Ramadhan: The month to clean your heart and soul with Allah.


`I found a reason to start over new, that reason is YOU O ALLAH`. This should be our slogan for Ramadhan, write it in a notepad, say it to yourself, stick it on the side of a magnet on your fridge door, whatever works for you. If we love someone we are willing to change our ways to please them, if we truly love Allah, why then do we find it so hard to change our old bad habits for His sake? Subhanallah. What is holding us back from becoming better servants of Allah, from becoming the best Muslims that we can be? From getting to the next level with regards to our relationship with Allah? Nothing else other than our vanity, self-possession, and the love to follow whatever our souls dictate to us, subhanallah! May Allah help and have mercy on us. If we truly love Allah, let that love be the reason for us to transform into better individuals during this coming blessed month of Ramadhan. Subhanallah everyone has something that is the centre of their attention, some people are obsessed about their gadgets, some people run day and night chasing after their careers, during this blessed of Ramadhan, let us make Allah the centre of our lives. We have the potential to come out of this coming blessed month with our sins forgiven given we take advantage it. We have the potential to establish the strongest connections with Allah given we take the first step to turn to Him, given we struggle to purify our intentions for His sake and live our lives to seek His pleasure. After all, eman is a struggle, we need to constantly put an effort to maintain our emans at a higher level. Whatever your spiritual state  is right now, don`t give up,  we know from the statement of the Qur’an that nobody gives up from the mercy of Allah except the disbelievers, so tighten your belts, take hold of this golden opportunity of Ramadhan and Allah will change your situation. Remember that this could be your last Ramadhan, you never know if you will live to the next Ramadhan, so don`t waste it! Plan ahead of time, develop a schedule for Ramadhan, plan to increase your worship-your recitation of the Quràn, your voluntary prayers, improve your Salah, dhikr, increase your Islamic knowledge etc. Ward off distractions, give something up for the sake of Allah, be it some form of entertainment like T.V or facebook or anything that you find distracting you from Allaah. Remember anything that you work hard for, it will eventually become precious  and dear to you that you won`t let go easily. If you work hard to develop a stronger connection with Allah, you are not going to let it go easily and thus you will work hard to maintain it insha Allah. Also, come up with a dua list before Ramadhan and make those duas through out Ramadhan insha Allah.And lastly don`t forget your brothers and sisters who are suffering in other parts of the world.
May Allah not make us among the people who remind others to do good and forget it ourselves and may He protect us from shirk in any form or shape, ameen.
May Allah accept from us and make us sincere in our words and actions. O Allah guide every misguided servants of yours, change our situation for better, and always make us sincere to you, ameen.
From your sister in Islam, a weak servant of Allah,

Iliya Amatullah


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